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Eyelash perm for the InLei® LashFiller treatment. This treatment allows the lashes to curl and the volume to increase up to 24% after 3 treatments.  InLei® is also the only brand on the market that can substantiate this through extensive clinical studies.  InLei® FORM 1 does not damage the lashes because the alkaline pH of this product opens the scales of the hair in a refined way and prepares them for the further steps of the treatment.  In combination with FIX 2 and FILLER 3, you are guaranteed proven results.


  • 100% made in Italy
  • Efficacy has been clinically tested in collaboration with a leading university
  • For professional use only. Please read this leaflet carefully.
  • To be used exclusively with your InLei® "FIX 2" fixative.
  • Contents: 4 ml (up to 35 treatments)


How to use it:


  1. Clean lashes with InLei® MOUSSE Gentle Makeup Remover for lashes, brows and face.
  2. Wipe the area around the eyes, eyebrows and lashes with InLei® "PRE TREATMENT SALINE".
  3. Using a brush, apply a thin layer of product to the lashes you previously applied to the silicone curler.
  4. Allow to soak in; depending on the thickness of the natural lashes (6/12 min): fine lashes: 6-8 min. | average lashes: 8-10 min. | thick lashes: 10-12 min.
  5. Remove the product with a clean, dry cotton swab.
  6. Proceed to the next step InLei® FIX 2

Reducing agents, e.g, Ammonium thiolycolate, Ammonium thiolactate, Cysteine HCI , Sodium sulfite, Alkaline agents, Diammonium dithiodiglycolate, Silicones, silanes, Additional ingredients (e.g. emulsifying agents), Anionic/ non- ionic7 amphoteric surfactants, Cationc surfactants, Anionic/cationc polymers, Hair conditioning agents, Parfum, Colorants, Opacifying agents, Chelating agents, Aqua